Friday, November 14, 2008

You say potato, I say tuber

“You can see a lot by just looking.”

I forget who said that – Yogi Berra, maybe? I’ve been putting information together to update our website. Our current episode features a prominent bachelor in his gleaming, sparkling clean kitchen (well, it was clean at the start of the episode…). In addition to the recipes demonstrated on the show, I like to include information from the web to inform and (hopefully) inspire our viewers. This time, a search for “bachelor-friendly recipes” revealed some surprising findings.

First, “bachelor-friendly” is a broadly defined term. My initial idea of a bachelor-friendly recipe was something that could be put together with little more effort than a microwaveable dinner – I was equating “bachelor” with “cooking novice.” But, as some bloggers point out, bachelor-friendly can also mean budget friendly. Most ingredients are packaged and recipes are designed to serve several people. If you’re not into leftovers - which I am, so I don’t identify with this – this presents a problem. (When I was single I used to cook big meals and Sunday and eat leftovers until Wednesday). In those blogs, some knowledge of cooking by said bachelor is implicit. Other blogs and recipes I found took the level of cooking knowledge higher - detailed enough to set heads a-spinning on many people I know, singles or not.

Second, there are not many blogs devoted to bachelor cooking. I found lots of entries in non-bachelor-specific blogs tagged with bachelor-friendly as a keyword. I didn’t try searching under “cooking for singles” or another gender-neutral title, because I wanted to see what the bachelors were doing. If they’re cooking, however, they’re apparently not blogging about it.

Third, of the few blogging bachelor cooks that I found, most of them focused on Indian cuisine. Which got me thinking: when you’re yearning for the food that you grew up with, you’re at a bit of an advantage if you grew up with mac ‘n cheese vs. chicken biryani: mac ‘n cheese is a lot easier to make. I love to prepare Indian food but it does take some time (so I usually make a LOT and we eat it for several days…maybe things haven’t changed much since my single days, after all).

If anyone knows of a good food blog geared towards bachelors and singles, please post it here. I’d love to know if they’re out there…in the meanwhile, I’m thankful that the few I found expanded my narrow view of bachelor cooking. And I feel for all you hungry bachelors out there…now go get into your kitchens and cook!

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