Thursday, September 10, 2009

An Impromptu Salad

Although I don't dislike it, I don't go crazy about edamame like some people seem to. So I was a little skeptical when it was one of the items in our CSA this week. And I must admit that after I boiled them up and started eating them, they were kind of addictive! We also got more corn, which I've been really enjoying over the past couple of weeks, especially since this is one of the few foods you really need to eat in season.

These two ingredients inspired an impromtu salad this morning, which at 9:33 AM, I've almost completely devoured. I had a left over corn on the cob, and scraped the kernals into a bowl to do something with later. Then I spied the bowl of edamame pods on the counter. I shelled them into the bowl with the corn until it looked like they balanced each other. I remembered I had some red onion, so I diced about a tablespoon and added it to the bowl, too. "Hmm. Some olives would go nice in here, too." So I diced and added some black cured olives as well. It still needed something. Tomatoes! And there were the green zebras from last week's CSA haul. In they went. I stuck in the spoon to taste for seasoning, thinking I'd add some olive oil, maybe a little vinegar, and salt and pepper. But it was so good -- the olives added a wee bit of oil and salt -- I just kept digging in with the spoon.

I guess the moral of the story is that you can make some pretty tasty dishes just by looking around the kitchen and seeing what inspires you. Plus, it's fun to improvise!